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Buying and selling real estate in Türkiye is not only exciting but also an issue that needs attention. Our company will tell you the real estate, purchase, sale and tax situations in the most accurate way.
You are buying a Real Estate in Türkiye and you are not in Türkiye for most of the year. You just relax please.We take care of your real estate safely..
You want to make an official valuation of your real estate in Türkiye. We refer you to official valuation experts. However, if you want an informal valuation, we will see your real estate on site and make an appraisal. We can buy, or we can start the selling process.
Letting Property
Let's rent your real estate in Türkiye and earn income with the rental method. Let's do this officially. Let's pay the tax so no one gets hurt.
Purchasing property in Türkiye
If you want to buy and sell real estate in Turkey, our company will give you the safest service. Our licensed agents are ready to serve you.
General services
Our company provides all ancillary services related to real estate trade. These include insurance of real estate, cleaning, apartment renovation, etc.

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