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Buying real estate in Turkey is your priority now?

Do you have any idea what kind of legal process awaits you? Will you buy real estate in Turkey for living or as a second home to have a holiday? Have you chosen where to buy in Turkey? and many more questions?

We have the answer to all your questions. Regnum Estate is ready to guide you from A to Z about buying real estate in Turkey. You can be sure that our expert and certified real estate agents will assist you in the best possible way.

Because we have been helping foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey since 2004.

Buying real estate in Alanya is very popular among foreigners lately. More than 10% of the population in Alanya comes from 80 different countries. Real estates bought by foreigners both have investment value and these Alanya real estates offer great holiday opportunities for apartment owners. Because there are sun 300 days a year in Alanya.

Buying real estate in Istanbul and living in Istanbul is a privilege. People from many countries of the world become Turkish citizens by buying real estate.
Let our licensed real estate agents find you a second home in Alanya and a citizenship property in Istanbul.

“Regnum Estate changes your life”

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